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Geographical Information System(GIS) for Smart and Sustainable Cities

While working on the concept of Sustainable Cities ; I came across a thought. A thought that would unite GIS and Sustainability in the city Planning domain. City is a organic, interconnected system that encompasses large number of sub-system which themselves behave as systems. These sub-systems are Water supply system, sanitation, drainage, solid waste management, energy infrastructure, mobility and transport systems, and information and communications system. First 3 systems are called Urban Environmental systems, these are very important to maintain and manage the city in a sustainable manner.

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Missed Call Scam from +216! Don't call back.

So, you will call back on the same number and your call will be taken. Usually, nobody will talk to you from the other side and you’ll keep on saying something like “hello, hello, hello, is anybody there?!“. or you'll hear a voice saying something like "hello, you have reached the operator, please hold." or you will hear nothing after.

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Introduction to Genetic Algorithm - I

Genetic Algorithm are derivative-free stochastic optimization methods based loosely on the concept of natural selection and evolutionary process. GAs are inspired by Darwin's Theory about Evolution. Simply said solution to the problem solved by genetic algorithm is evolved. These Algorithms encode a potential solution to a specific problem on a simple problem on simple chromosomes like data structures and apply recombination operators to these structures so as to preserve critical information.
GAs and their variants are sometimes referred to as methods of population-based optimization that improve performance by upgrading entire population rather than individual members.

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Geo Data Science

I have always wondered why and how people establish new nomenclature in industry. Geo-spatial industry is not new, neither is data science. I was one of the few lucky guys who tested both at the same time way back in 2011-12, while i was still trainee with Tata Consultancy Services. Although i was trained as Java developer, but was given opportunity to work on data mapping using Informatica. Before i could know its part of BI, i had one of myu feet in GIS in maintaining spatial repository for GIS application . It was a accidental entry as nonin the existing team were interested in working on GIS.

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Parking big problem with bigger opportunities - A New Innovation Industry

Parking is one of the essential components of Development plans of various cities in India. Parking is the future industry, and now it’s a part of Real Estate, Technology, Operations and Consultancy. Continuous Innovation needed in this Industry. Think about that scenario when every one has their own vehicle and they park vehicle at any place they find and all roads and open areas leads to traffic. This industry in fully interdisciplinary of Real Estate Industry and Information Technology. It having complex problems and interesting solutions, no test case and version controlling applied here.

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Open Source Therapy in Being Agile for Commercial Software Development

Agile is one that emphasizes incremental development and small design steps. Agile process needs daily stand up meetings. Those who want new software must communicate with those who will build the new software. In proprietary software project the particular development team, deals with analysis to maintenance. And the team easily follows agile methodology to develop the software. In open source software project there are too many programmers contributing in the project. Open source therapy in agile strengthen the company productivity, no technical hurdles, there are less requirement analysis, all develop with small contribution and it becomes major, and they are based on early releases. There are several methods and tools used in software development. Distributed agile context chosen on the basis of their impact on software quality and team inter-operations.

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IT SECURITY ALERT - II, Cause of CryptoLocker Ransomware

They told me the major cause of those type of virus is people is an-aware about using software, they just google for free software and google gives them list of software, and the game starts user browse the websites and download freeware, same the virus or malware install with those software and user data either get encrypted or hacked.

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IT SECURITY ALERT: CryptoLocker Ransomware Takes Your Files as Hostage and demands payment!

In last few weeks, cyber-security firms have reported a significant increase in computers being infected around the world with a malware named "CryptoLocker Ransomware/Cryptowall". The malware encrypts all of the most important files on a victim desktop / laptop / PC — pictures, movie and music files, documents, etc. — as well as any files on attached or networked storage media. CryptoLocker then demands for payment. Due to its high impact, it is essential that you understand the risk and take necessary steps to prevent loss of your precious data.

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