Being a global IT consulting company, our code of business ethics is our ongoing commitment to maintaining and promoting world class standards of business integrity and trust, wherever we operate.

Our main focus is in delivering sustainable, secure and effective solutions. We work closely with industries and enterprises their business processes, realtime production monitoring, data analytics, logistics and supply chain management.


We strives to build a brand in research and development & to deliver sustainable solution that led innovation which helps in enhancing enterprise productivity and quality of human lives.

Our 4 Key Pillars that encourages innovation to create great client experience.

1. Freedom to experiment

2. Continuous learning and training

3. Transparency in all aspects

4. Quality in all aspects of work

Trusted by over 30+ customers worldwide

Fistreet started in 2016, it works like a organism. Our niche lies in our passion and ability to solve complex problems by developing custom solutions using the latest technologies. We at Fistreet believe in the concept of magnifying industrial supply chain for operational excellence.